Raise the Vibration


“We raise the vibration of the universe collectively by healing ourselves, lighting the way for all in the world.” 


Thank You Universe!

Dear Universe,

Last year, I had an opportunity to watch a PBS special titled, “I can see clearly now”, from Dr. Wayne Dyer.  It was a beautiful story filled with imagery,  and this overwhelming vibration of love shared thru the show. He shared intricate stories that intertwine like a tapestry with exotic colorful linens.

He shared stories about our power to begin healing within our spirit. Reiterating a belief illnesses, and diseases begin in the spirit energetically. This supports the lessons of our soul  returning and reaching our wholeness as spirit in present time.

It was truly remarkable because of the new awareness,  I received from yet another layer of an awakening. It was truly amazing to see him as spirit, and having the ability to create the life he came in this universe to live thru his testimonies. That awareness became apart of the remembering the oneness we are all apart of in the universe. The show’s contribution like everyday interactions with the world  are apart of returning a bit of ourselves back to our soul. Everything we face, walk thru, and get up from to survive allows the room to grow in spirit accepting ourselves as whole thru our ability to be love.

There was a beauty in the gift he shared with the universe.  He was able to share a description in writing of what he saw,  or seen as spirit. He was a spiritual teacher, student, and observer of life with the ability to share his innate gift of clairvoyance thru writing, and story telling from his observations. He shared his life lessons as a benchmark for others to awake with new awareness. And shared these lessons from a space of knowing all of us while connected  thru this energetic highway of oneness.  This shared a level of intimacy,  so even if you were listening to him on TV, reading his book, or listening to him on audio there was still a connection as if  in a small class room of two. His beautiful light held the torch for so many to not only to find the light, but to be the light for others on this shared journey.

Today, I share my gratitude in appreciation in body as spirit, sending a ripple of the same vibration into the universe. Thank you universe for sharing a bright soul with us to learn from as well as remind us of our light.  And please know as his teaching continues on the next step of journey thru love, know the vibration within the world was raise, and will continue thru his eternal contributions of love.

With love & light always,

Marcelle Davis,


A Hummingbird Hello Totem

I was sitting outside on the porch starting to get back to the swing of things about sharing and posting apart of my soul thru Frecklesoul, and Clairvoyant Readings for others  to share their own light. I had taken some time in reflection over my father’s recent passing  and its beautiful lesson of living life . And,  my emotions not stuck in sadness but quiet in reflection over the beautiful journey of life, and the next step as spirit to continue my soul’s purpose.  And to my surprise a beautiful remarkable gesture was given to me from the universe. It was a beautiful hummingbird that came up so close that I could of touch it. And, it  look right at me buzzing,  but standing still. Truly remarkable the timing and gift offered in this moment. Because all I could feel in this moment was joy,  and gratitude for sharing a gift that I’m remembered, and  loved to continue this journey forward. All other thoughts, or concerns  released in that moment.  It allowed me to truly be present in the gift of life.  During all the motion to stay in flight from the hummingbird  it was standing still. It took  the same joy to enjoy this strange creature in front of him. We shared a benchmark to enjoy the present. We were a reflection of each other as spiritual beings on a journey to love. While this lesson shared new awareness  that continues  to unfold daily . This  beautiful totem also shared the impossible is possible while reminding me of herbal medicine as the hummingbird travels flower to flower. This beautiful gesture from divine timing shares to grab a hold of joy no matter where you stand for joy is what we live life to obtain before returning to our wholeness of love. It’s present all around with limitless possibilities  to experience miracles everyday. We can still buzz around life  but we can still make the room to stand still long enough to enjoy life.

Garden of Life

It is thru times of great change that I’m reminded the importance of returning to self for validation of the journey. This time affords the opportunity to validate the journey in acceptance without judgement. It helps to see all is not personal but instead intricate lessons provided to receive a bigger lesson about our role as human beings having a spiritual experience.  Our view of the journey is valid even though we may only be connected to seeing a small part of a larger never-ending story. It offers the comfort that no story is more important or lessor than the next. My father recently took a step as spirit and returned home to love. This transition has given many lessons of awareness of the beauty of returning home and the connection thru our oneness in the universe. It allowed me to truly be open to a bigger lesson of my mortality, understanding life has no end or beginning. It’s endless continuous incarnations to help us remember our purpose filled with karmic agreements that serve as our teacher. During this time of great change of my father’s death, I see the love but also agreements with journey mates that offer major steps as spirit for healing connecting to our true importance of love. These may not always be remembered in the body, however our spirit receives the lesson right away affording life changing opportunities for healing on a cellular level. We have an opportunity to choose kindness, patience, and compassion of others view on the journey. This can set the next step in our journey grounded in love to be courageous enough to listen with our heart to allow others the room to grow as well. During this time of the shared  journey my father’s transition is offering healing for each family member and their soul purpose. This offers the space to release judgement and truly connect to the importance of love and abundance that is already within us as spiritual beings. Shifting any attention that disconnects us from each other as spiritual beings on this shared journey. It’s easy to connect to the hustle and bustle of life that connects us all to the urgency of running out of time for all life has to offer. But when we create the room to connect to each other we actually create more space to receive from the universe allowing room for the miracles of life. It becomes an opportunity to truly begin living. So my father’s transition is really offering a lesson on living connected to the universe thru love. This time has really open my eyes to validate the journey shared and to be in this moment valuing my wholeness of accepting all of me without judgment so I may accept the all in others in love, kindness, and compassion. This time of meditation or reflection with some other fun tools is instrumental thru these times of change not to just see it my way, but to see and share it’s ok how I see it, and that no way values another journey lessor or greater than mine. It just offers another view of the same garden of life.

Transition To Love

It’s been an emotional time over the last week. My  father recently admitted to hospice,  and not expected to live beyond the night. Thru prayer with my brother, sister, family ,and conversations my father experience with his higher source he choose another day here on earth, and then another day. Now with a week and half later we’re reminded  each day we visit him, we witness a miracle to his resilience as spirit to continue this journey with us all. The beauty of witnessing a soul returning to love is it expands our own heart to give and receive more love each day. It does not mean we don’t experience grief or sorrow for agreements ending. But it offers an opportunity to really see life beyond this current incarnation. It opens the door to truly experience life as eternal, everlasting. So each day spent filled with the gratitude, releasing all regret, while embracing forgiveness and compassion for all included on this journey. To learn a lesson on true meaning of love expands my heart to warmly share and receive with each gesture of vibration of love during a sensitive time in space is truly a miracle. We all have this opportunity to tune in to the grace of this part of life. We are all given grace, for there is no need to be earned, or determined our worthiness for grace is apart of the seed within us all. Grace is our apart of our DNA blueprint that can miraculously heal all within, it’s the key to understanding with certainty our continuous incarnations thru eternity. Thru our shared journey as family we are all given an opportunity to not only choose grace but tune into the vibration of love thru forgiveness and compassion experiencing everything we can thru this journey of life. My love for him grows each day, as I learned to be love in each and everyday given this incarnation.

Once In A Blue Moon Take A Step……


During my many layers of awakening,  I share gratitude for teachings received from a medicine man met on the journey. The connection shared was a space of compassion, kindness while clearing up karmic agreements. The time shared presented challenges as spirit but ultimately provided a lesson that supported in spiritual development.

During that time, my spirit was reacting to a stuck picture from a past life , so it created scenarios and situations to support my overall soul’s growth. While working thru this moving picture, there was many lessons available while helping others on their journey with readings, and spiritual energy healing’s, this also included many nights of teaching and learning on the astral which encourage nights traveling as spirit.

My lessons turned out to be class on life  during this time, resulting from financial  challenges created as spirit  to clear pictures in my root chakra.

This was not the traditional classroom study, but it was learning for my soul. This supported memories to retrieve more of the soul moving toward wholeness. The journey of releasing  my grounding during this time created an opportunity to be solely supported by the universe. It allowed me to release little more ego, and trust the universe.

This medicine man not only open his home,  but his family, and friends for this  bridge of support while allowing me a space to receive the universe’s  unconditional love. Words could never express the gratitude that remains in my heart for him, his family, and friends during that time.

Before my schooling was over, I was given a name, of “Blue Moon”.  This honored my family’s genealogical Native-American history, but also a past life, which was validating for this time of my life.

This name offer validation since it was difficult to find exact historical record of tribe records. Most often historical records were not adequately kept due to laws to deny the rights of people of color.  These laws supported  division instead of oneness that was innately apart of the spiritual connection thru indigenous and native groups.

The name given to me ” Blue Moon”, was truly an honor to receive while celebrating a shared connection within our journey. Blue Moon signifies a rare astrological event within a month that shares two full moons. Each full moon represents a time the moon is opposite from the sun and earth. The moon being closest to Earth connecting to its  properties . This connection supports the mind and emotions as  spiritual beings. The blue moon signifying its rarity, and variance from general months. It also shares a magical time thru an emphasis is spiritual and emotional pursuits that support a grounded connection with Earth. As this blue moon approaches I can shake this feeling of the next step approaching of more learning on the journey to truly begin living.

This step to fill my purpose also shares  apart of this connection with all of us  ready for the next step of the journey. But reflecting over this connection shares two moons sharing the sky to offer unique teachings that support overall growth while really turning  to our own path of enlightenment.

There are no words that could share the love and gratitude within my heart from this time with a friend.  And even though this part of the  journey  has ended, I know one door would not close without  another door opening to the next step of the transition. So my eyes are little more open to embrace the next step of the journey.


Love follows Love

My father has been in hospice for the last couple of days. And, with each day given it offers a greater appreciation for all the time spent and journey shared. The love felt within the hospice is truly beautiful for it represents the journey home to love with each soul.

There’s a family room that offered as a refuge for families with snacks, beverages, tv, computer, books, or just space. Last night during my visit to the room, there was a woman I could hear share the words ” Help Me”. There was something in my spirit calling me to help, even before coming up with confirm action, or gesture. So, I did not want to interfere with the journey so I shared her want with the staff on duty. They were aware of her wish and sat in the room from time to time. Later in the night I heard the same words “Help Me”. And I follow the same steps to share the wish, and the staff continue to sit with the woman. The next morning since I’ve stayed overnight with my father, I heard the words again “Help Me”. This time I could not shake the feeling she was asking me to help her during this time. I asked the staff would it be ok to go in and sit with her.

The staff member heard my request but also felt the connection as she started releasing thru crying as we sat together. So she agreed,  and decided to lead me in the room. I introduced myself and shared she was safe,  and surrounded by flowers and love. And, if she didn’t mind could I come and visit with her. During this time I also look at the room energetically while grounded the room in a golden energetic rose. When I took a glance around the room I saw flowers all around. There was a knitted flower on the walker, flowers in the painting on the wall. This beautiful soul had started to bloom with each flower and the closer to her transition. A day later she was brave enough to take the step to return to love. I share all of this as a reminder of how effortless love is when we tune in to the vibration with each other, and no matter how small or large the gesture of kindness shared knows that love follows love.

Choose to Attract Love


Words shared in the universe attract energy, and being mindful of intentions placed can create room for the next step toward wholeness on our journey . For instance, by acknowledging a term like “haters” in the universe will attract the same low vibration within our space, making it challenging to experience being love.

Instead why not choose to acknowledge those who bring love, or ” Love-Volunteers” to attract a higher vibration of love within our space.  This will encourage a universal flow of sharing and receiving love for all, including ourselves to move toward our wholeness as spiritual beings. We attract love by sharing the same love with all in universe.