Marcelle Davis is a clairvoyant, spiritual energy healer.  Since a young age she was able to see auras, guides, and angels while also receiving prophetic visions thru dreams, and day dreams. She was able to channel thru sleep which often resembled sleep walking. She saw and felt the presences of angelic beings as extension of watching her and sharing guidance to continue the path of service to the universe. Her challenge since a young age was her ability to share these interactions with those around due to fear of not fitting in with the world . Her wish to be the change in the world led to many careers that work directly with equality, compassion, and kindness on both the physical and spiritual level while helping her develop her voice in the world. Her career path led to many lessons received in spirit that supported the journey to be of service to the universe.

She started to receive clear messages from higher spiritual beings, and spirit guides about self-healing to share with the universe.  She was no longer able to hide her sensitivity to energy, or communication with spirit. She spent time going within for many years thru the guidance of spiritual teachers in all realms. She learned helpful tools like grounding thru clairvoyant meditation, which offered validation of clairvoyance seen daily in the spiritual and physical worlds since childhood.  She was able to remember the soul’s essence is divine love, and take a step in divine grace to release any invalidation of the journey traveled thus far.

During this shared journey, she received teachings from world-renowned spiritual teachers, and healers, as well as learning from each interaction within the world to share more love, compassion, and kindness while being closer to present time. 

Marcelle Davis provides clairvoyant readings thru  donations, and offers  aura energy healing’s with no require donation.

All information received shares the intention of the highest good of each creative spirit supported in love, compassion from the universe.

For scheduling a clairvoyant readings, or distant energy healing’s via phone: please submit all request to clairvoyantreadingsmarcelle@gmail.com .

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