Forgiveness is Self L❤ve

One of the biggest healing gesture of self-love given to myself was forgiveness. Forgiveness of myself for any perceived wrongs or circumstance held to prove a position. This released all karmic ties as spirit to move forward. I  had to release the ” hater” vibration, that shares all are envious of any movement forward as spirit often shared to encourage fear. This allowed me to see, life is not personal. There is no special agency devoted to prevent me from reaching my soul’s goal, only the limits placed on ourselves restrict the soul’s movement. Forgiveness opens the soul to co-creating with the universe. We are all on this journey together. And, each situation or circumstance is not an act of aggression, but merely an opportunity to learn a lesson. So thru forgiveness I learned, I’ve created a lifetime full of schooling about how to love more, offer less judgement, be more neutral, and share lots of compassion for this amazing journey of life with all in the universe.


2 thoughts on “Forgiveness is Self L❤ve

  1. Forgiveness is so important. This reminds me of a podcast I am listening to right now from Rob Bell. It is a five part series on how forgiveness sets us free. Thank you for sharing. Stay inspired.

    1. Yes, right on Madeline. Forgiveness is freedom as spirit, creating space for much more havingness in the universe. So, thank you for sharing, and continue blessing on this amazing journey. We are each others inspiration as we share our truth.

      In Love& Light

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