Elephant Never Forgets- Elephant Wisdom

Often times I’m visited by beautiful animals that often share wisdom or lessons for the next step, or new awareness creating greater appreciation and gratitude for the journey. My recent vision shared right before the Blood Moon was a beautiful majestic ancient elephant colored in turquoise with decadent jewels with many layers of lines that appeared to be a pattern of the core of the body. It revealed itself as a beautiful picture with many lines or opportunities to learn several lessons from all lifetimes. These lines shared many curves,  turns, and angles which  moved in the same direction to develop a unique beautiful intrinsic pattern.

This is much like our lives. We lived several incarnations to reach our soul’s purpose, often times falling short only to continue the journey in the next incarnation with a new body, circumstances to still obtain our soul’s overall lesson.  As spirit we often get caught or stuck in similar issues, or obstacles faced from past, current incarnations before remembering our wholeness as spiritual beings.

In Hindu, God Ganesha is the God of remover of many obstacles, and shares a connection with an elephant. The elephant in the vision embraced wisdom of many faiths, beliefs, customs never forgetting all the lessons to apply as a whole sharing the next step in a new direction.  It’s true an elephant never forgets which leads to wisdom thru continuous incarnations, having no judgement on right or wrong but embracing compassion for all.

This vision left my heart filled with warmth and love, sharing love is the practice of our soul. And this ancient wisdom shared love practiced each day reminds us  more and more of our true essence as part of the source of all things, our true connection to divinity.

The elephant embodies the child, mother, an old wise woman  having three vibrant feminine energies,  and thru this vision it also connected to the trinity vibration. It was thru this elephant that embraced both male and female vibrations to share its place in ancient royal times, but to also show power embracing duality to offer a step to grow as soul to have and share our wholeness.

This vision offered direction for the next step, to include remembering being love to return to our wholeness as spiritual beings. We are separate, but whole in this journey to share, and be love. And we all have the strength, and power thru embracing all of ourselves in present time to really receive the lesson of life by sharing and receiving love.  May the gifts from this vision be able to offer the lesson of our true majestic divine power is within our soul to share love freely removing any obstacle along this amazing journey of life.




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