Call To Wholeness

Woke up today hearing a song being played in my soul…..”Something is Calling You”~ Norah Jones. There’s been a whispering  calling me to be of service to the universe. Over several years spending time going within to heal a part of my soul lost over incarnations, I hear the call with clarity. This vibration surrounds us all as human beings, we feel the stirring the change to be present to experience, appreciate life with new awareness. This vibration calls us to look for what has been lost over the course of learning as a spirit. We retrieve a little more each time we share a part of soul giving freely, and what received in return is part of the God seed we left in spirit. This is a vibration, and it comes in all religions, faiths with no one being lessor or greater  in our growth as a universe.

It’s the buzzing in our ear, it’s the emptiness in our stomachs, or the  lack of intimate conversation that shares there’s more to experience with the vibration of joy. This vibration is calling us to return to knowing who we are, and why we chose this space to be more aware seeing all intertwine in this beautiful tapestry of life. We see the beauty of one piece of thread, but also see how all the thread in the tapestry work together in agreement to share a gift of art, a picture, or image. Life is the same, we hear the call to see our piece of thread that defines us many times woven and dyed to perfection to use with all the other threads made with the God seed to share its unique gifts with the universe.

We look at the completed tapestry to see an attraction  to one particular color. It’s a beautiful color designed just to share a gift, not taking away from the rest of tapestry but only to enhance the overall composure or integrity of the tapestry. Our role here on earth shares our part of tapestry, we get to share this apart of our soul each day. This beautiful vibration heals all pieces of our soul we may have lost thru incarnations bringing us more whole, and returning those pieces of love lost over the journey. So something is calling you is your soul calling to share or activate you to retrieve the love, and to share more love if you chose.

Our soul calls us to return what was left as spirit creating change within our molecular system. This monumental vibration opens our eyes to see in away that exposes us to open our whole soul thru our body. It has us to connect, and see the layers of life being extremely sensitive to each soul on the same journey. It’s like smelling a cake when its first done enjoying the sweet smells, but then like our fellow canines or animals on the planet. We begin to smell each ingredient one by one, first the flour, then the sugar, the vanilla, baking soda, and etc. We smell each layer experiencing its unique smell but also experiencing the entirety of the cake.

All together having appreciation of the awareness all things work together woven in space, for time disappears. Time shares a beginning and end, were space shares an infinite destination. We all have this ability to not only activate, but to return home in body in the physical plane of earth. This awareness allows us to experience life in infinite divine limitless seeing there’s only movement shifting,  no death but transitioning to another awareness to view  life.

Our calling is to awake if we choose, and activate an awareness that allows us to live in limitless of the universe co-creating our dreams but also experiencing a divine love that is pure. We can share this vibration with the God inside of us all thru the part of our soul we left for this journey here on Earth only to return all of ourselves to God. We return to the God we all are in the universe. This is not outside of ourselves but within every cell of our body.

The God within me shares all is well, and it’s ok to activate who we really are as spiritual beings if we are ready, because any step made individually is already made collectively in unison with all on this shared journey to wholeness.



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