Practice Compassion

Changing the world begins with our daily interactions with each other. Learning to practice compassion and kindness thru opening our heart with patience and love,  creates more room to listen to the story shared . This is a space held to be present for the conversation. In that moment we can choose to release judgment ,while offering acceptance of the journey traveled. By changing our personal picture of ourselves to  be present,  while connecting to our heart, we create the room to see our own reflection in others. This helps us collectively raise the vibration  of the world with each interaction. These moments faced daily are our opportunities to practice compassion with the universe.

~”We  raise the vibration of the universe collectively by healing ourselves lighting the way for all in the world”~

Walk In Courage

Courage found in the darkest times to continue the journey in compassion and forgiveness offers the brightest light of healing as spirit to lead the way for human kind.  It is during these times of change that true strength is offered thru the ability to share kindness, compassion, and forgiveness of all, no matter the story.  This offers miraculous healing to a whole generation, and generations to come. This is the power of grace that is innate to all spiritual beings, a true healing vibration given to each one of us from the beginning of incarnation to be love despite our conditions. So no matter the circumstances be encouraged to be love, and choose grace with each step taken on this amazing journey.  Love is limitless, infinite, compassionate, kind, and it holds no judgment for love sees all in wholeness.

To Affirm Grace

To affirm grace instead of pain in life, opens the door to the God within to begin to live life thru divine love, denouncing all fear and pain. Our creation began in love, not fear. This love shines a light that renews the journey to live fearlessly in the pursuit of the soul’s purpose sharing the soul’s unique gifts with all in the world.

Affirm Light Thru The Shadow

It is thru shining the light thru the shadows we have the opportunity to receive the biggest lesson of life reuniting to divine love.  Thru grace and forgiveness we are all worthy, and whole wherever we stand in the journey. To awake with this new awareness of truly being alive, connects one to their soul purpose .  Love felt within the soul ignites a passion that is limitless in every action.

May  love guide each step of this continuous journey with awareness to affirm light thru the shadow with grace, forgiveness, and compassion. And, may the light shine bright within raising the consciousness in the universe for generations to come.

Forgiveness is Self L❤ve

One of the biggest healing gesture of self-love given to myself was forgiveness. Forgiveness of myself for any perceived wrongs or circumstance held to prove a position. This released all karmic ties as spirit to move forward. I  had to release the ” hater” vibration, that shares all are envious of any movement forward as spirit often shared to encourage fear. This allowed me to see, life is not personal. There is no special agency devoted to prevent me from reaching my soul’s goal, only the limits placed on ourselves restrict the soul’s movement. Forgiveness opens the soul to co-creating with the universe. We are all on this journey together. And, each situation or circumstance is not an act of aggression, but merely an opportunity to learn a lesson. So thru forgiveness I learned, I’ve created a lifetime full of schooling about how to love more, offer less judgement, be more neutral, and share lots of compassion for this amazing journey of life with all in the universe.

Elephant Never Forgets- Elephant Wisdom

Often times I’m visited by beautiful animals that often share wisdom or lessons for the next step, or new awareness creating greater appreciation and gratitude for the journey. My recent vision shared right before the Blood Moon was a beautiful majestic ancient elephant colored in turquoise with decadent jewels with many layers of lines that appeared to be a pattern of the core of the body. It revealed itself as a beautiful picture with many lines or opportunities to learn several lessons from all lifetimes. These lines shared many curves,  turns, and angles which  moved in the same direction to develop a unique beautiful intrinsic pattern.

This is much like our lives. We lived several incarnations to reach our soul’s purpose, often times falling short only to continue the journey in the next incarnation with a new body, circumstances to still obtain our soul’s overall lesson.  As spirit we often get caught or stuck in similar issues, or obstacles faced from past, current incarnations before remembering our wholeness as spiritual beings.

In Hindu, God Ganesha is the God of remover of many obstacles, and shares a connection with an elephant. The elephant in the vision embraced wisdom of many faiths, beliefs, customs never forgetting all the lessons to apply as a whole sharing the next step in a new direction.  It’s true an elephant never forgets which leads to wisdom thru continuous incarnations, having no judgement on right or wrong but embracing compassion for all.

This vision left my heart filled with warmth and love, sharing love is the practice of our soul. And this ancient wisdom shared love practiced each day reminds us  more and more of our true essence as part of the source of all things, our true connection to divinity.

The elephant embodies the child, mother, an old wise woman  having three vibrant feminine energies,  and thru this vision it also connected to the trinity vibration. It was thru this elephant that embraced both male and female vibrations to share its place in ancient royal times, but to also show power embracing duality to offer a step to grow as soul to have and share our wholeness.

This vision offered direction for the next step, to include remembering being love to return to our wholeness as spiritual beings. We are separate, but whole in this journey to share, and be love. And we all have the strength, and power thru embracing all of ourselves in present time to really receive the lesson of life by sharing and receiving love.  May the gifts from this vision be able to offer the lesson of our true majestic divine power is within our soul to share love freely removing any obstacle along this amazing journey of life.



Meditation Everyday


Meditation provides the opportunity to validate the journey bringing us closer to present time. This offers a grounded space to respond in neutrality and compassion instead of reacting to life’s circumstances. It releases us as the victim of life, and provides new awareness to our ability, as the co-creator of our dreams.

Call To Wholeness

Woke up today hearing a song being played in my soul…..”Something is Calling You”~ Norah Jones. There’s been a whispering  calling me to be of service to the universe. Over several years spending time going within to heal a part of my soul lost over incarnations, I hear the call with clarity. This vibration surrounds us all as human beings, we feel the stirring the change to be present to experience, appreciate life with new awareness. This vibration calls us to look for what has been lost over the course of learning as a spirit. We retrieve a little more each time we share a part of soul giving freely, and what received in return is part of the God seed we left in spirit. This is a vibration, and it comes in all religions, faiths with no one being lessor or greater  in our growth as a universe.

It’s the buzzing in our ear, it’s the emptiness in our stomachs, or the  lack of intimate conversation that shares there’s more to experience with the vibration of joy. This vibration is calling us to return to knowing who we are, and why we chose this space to be more aware seeing all intertwine in this beautiful tapestry of life. We see the beauty of one piece of thread, but also see how all the thread in the tapestry work together in agreement to share a gift of art, a picture, or image. Life is the same, we hear the call to see our piece of thread that defines us many times woven and dyed to perfection to use with all the other threads made with the God seed to share its unique gifts with the universe.

We look at the completed tapestry to see an attraction  to one particular color. It’s a beautiful color designed just to share a gift, not taking away from the rest of tapestry but only to enhance the overall composure or integrity of the tapestry. Our role here on earth shares our part of tapestry, we get to share this apart of our soul each day. This beautiful vibration heals all pieces of our soul we may have lost thru incarnations bringing us more whole, and returning those pieces of love lost over the journey. So something is calling you is your soul calling to share or activate you to retrieve the love, and to share more love if you chose.

Our soul calls us to return what was left as spirit creating change within our molecular system. This monumental vibration opens our eyes to see in away that exposes us to open our whole soul thru our body. It has us to connect, and see the layers of life being extremely sensitive to each soul on the same journey. It’s like smelling a cake when its first done enjoying the sweet smells, but then like our fellow canines or animals on the planet. We begin to smell each ingredient one by one, first the flour, then the sugar, the vanilla, baking soda, and etc. We smell each layer experiencing its unique smell but also experiencing the entirety of the cake.

All together having appreciation of the awareness all things work together woven in space, for time disappears. Time shares a beginning and end, were space shares an infinite destination. We all have this ability to not only activate, but to return home in body in the physical plane of earth. This awareness allows us to experience life in infinite divine limitless seeing there’s only movement shifting,  no death but transitioning to another awareness to view  life.

Our calling is to awake if we choose, and activate an awareness that allows us to live in limitless of the universe co-creating our dreams but also experiencing a divine love that is pure. We can share this vibration with the God inside of us all thru the part of our soul we left for this journey here on Earth only to return all of ourselves to God. We return to the God we all are in the universe. This is not outside of ourselves but within every cell of our body.

The God within me shares all is well, and it’s ok to activate who we really are as spiritual beings if we are ready, because any step made individually is already made collectively in unison with all on this shared journey to wholeness.